UEFA Nations League semi-final Netherland 3-1 England: Walker's own goal and John Stones's mistake in extra-time see Netherland to final

1 'We are on our way to Portugal!

4 'OVER! Maguire tries the spectacular as he finds the corner in volleyball from inside the box, but he sends way over the bar. It's not your best effort.

14 'Sancho's clever kick on the left sends England forward for a brief moment, but Barkley's return ball is weak and easily cut off.

20 'SHOT! Depay moves from the inside position to the left and works a yard in the box. He hits an inverted shot for the next post but he does not pick it up
cleanly and Pickford can handle the misaligned effort by jumping easily.

30 'PENALTY TO ENGLAND !! Rashford tweaks in front of De Ligt for a loose ball in the box and the young defender enters and leads out! It's a clear penalty and
the striker is cleaning up to get it.

30 'De Ligt can feel grateful that he was only shown a yellow card instead of a red card for his challenge. His mistake on the ball put his team behind in a game
 they were dominating.

32 'GOALS !!! Rashford does the 1-0 of the place! He walks to the ball, sends Cillessen to the wrong side and sticks quietly in the lower right corner. England
leads against the current of play!

42 'SAVE! The free kick is thrown forward and headed back by Maguire, where Rashford hits a weak and weak shot that Cillessen does well to keep.

45 '+ 4' MISS! The corner is swayed and De Ligt meets him with his head. It's a good connection, but it can only direct it. He would love to have scored after
the previous mistake. Wijnaldum, meanwhile, is still receiving Depay looks for not passing.

46 'Southgate made a great substitution, with Kane replacing Rashford. It may have something to do with the Dumfries clash in the box in the first half.

55 'SAVE! De Roon then hits a low effort out of the box that Pickford saves awkwardly with his feet. He jumps high in the air and Depay attempts an ambitious bike
 kick from the edge of the area, but can not connect.

65 'PACK! The Dutch make a nice move from the right, which sees De Roon on the edge of the area for an attack for the first time, but ends up being blocked by a
 teammate as much as a defender of England!

73 'GOAL !! From Ligt Levels Scores !! The young defender redeems himself! He beats Walker to a corner on the nearest post and sends a butt down and after Pickford!
 It's 1-1!

83 'VAR! Lingard has the ball in the net, clinging to Barkley's ball and passing by Cillessen, but the referee is waiting for a check in potential impediment.

85 'NONE OBJECTIVE! The referee checks with VAR and the goal is discarded by impediment! The English players are furious!

87 'NO PENALTY! More VAR drama! A cross in the area is blocked by Chilwell and there is a handball test, but he is not given and the referee's waves go forward.

90 '+ 6' OVER! Sterling works a meter of space with some control and lets one fly, but dips just above the bar! Good effort, but a bit too loud.

91 'We are back in the first half of extra time!

97 'PURPOSE! The Netherlands takes the lead! Pedal dallies in possession and is stolen by Depay in the box. Its low attack is saved at most by Pickford, but Walker
 kicks the ball against the other foot under pressure of Promes and she passes through Pickford and enters! It's 2-1 for the Dutch!

105 'Alli replaces Rice, while Southgate uses his fourth substitute - allowed only in extra time. He needs more creativity in midfield.

114 'GOAL !! It's 3-1 for the Netherlands and this is certainly game over! Maguire makes a sloppy pass to Barkley, who has his pocket at the end of Depay's box. He
arrives at the finish line and squares of Promes, who hits an empty net!

119 'England have been dismissed for much of the game. They have been chasing the Netherlands and losing their strength in overtime, while the Dutch look relatively

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