Several sponsors have suspended campaigns after the scandal with Najila Trindade-the company of Neymar admits

NR Sports, which is in charge of the exclusive running of Neymar's race and image, admitted on Friday that some sponsors have suspended campaigns because of
 "serious unfair accusations" of infringement against the player but denied any breach of contract . "We affirm that there was no breach of any type of contract
 currently in effect after the disclosure of the serious allegation against the athlete," NR Sports said in a statement.

The company said some companies have suspended advertising campaigns, while others "have decided not to change direction", have declared public support for the
player and "stand firm in their projects to strengthen the brands." Mastercard, the official sponsor of Copa America, has canceled its promotional campaign with
 Neymar for investigations in which the attacker is immersed after reporting a woman for alleged violation, but then reversed and left his decision in the air. .

NR Sports noted that "all the evidence released" leads to the conclusion that Neymar "was the victim of a slanderous charge, a crime being investigated by law
 enforcement authorities," the statement said. "We are sure that soon everything will be clear," NR Sports adds. The 27-year-old striker, who suffered an injury
in the Brazil-Qatar match on Wednesday night, was charged with a model of rape and assault, a fact reported on May 15 at a hotel. from Paris.

Neymar assures that the sexual relation between both was consensual and to try to demonstrate published last Saturday a video in the social networks in which it
showed the conversation maintained with the young person and intimate photos sent by her. Officials opened two investigations into the assailant, one for the
alleged rape and the other for alleged cyber crime when he released the photographs of the model.

The woman declared this Friday for the second time in front of the authorities in a police station in São Paulo for more than five hours and when she left was
taken by the lawyers of the same, since according to the first information she found herself wrong during the interrogation . Neymar, meanwhile, went to a police
 station in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday to be questioned for alleged cybercrime.

According to the local press, the player claimed in his testimony that his advisers were responsible for the publication of the videos in which Najila Trindade
 de Souza appears. In interviews given this week, the woman said she met Neymar through a social network. and that he traveled to Paris with the intention of
 having sex with the star of the canary, but he changed his mind at the last minute because none of them had a condom.

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