Pundit discloses the unwonted reason why Sarri is not the right man for Chelsea

Former Chelsea midfielder Steven Sidwell said one point in particular has shown that Maurizio Sarri is not the right man to bring the Blues to the front.

Sarri appears to be leaving Stamford Bridge this summer to challenge the reigns of Italian giant Juventus.

Although he has been the subject of some criticism this season, the Italian coach has been successful at Chelsea, taking him to one of the Premier League's top
 four places, a Carabao Cup final and, of course, a victory in the Europa League.

After that victory, Sarri took a moment of silence to see what he had achieved, a video in which the Italian, proud of the medal of winners, became viral. But
Sidwell says that this moment shows why he should leave the club.

"The way Sarri looked at this medal proved he is not the right man," he told TalkSport. "He looked at this medal as if it were gold and it was the best thing he
ever did."

If, as expected, Sarri leaves, the Blues will be watching the third coach in so many seasons and Sidwell has indicated who he would choose for the job.

"Frank [Lampard] fills all the boxes for me, with the transfer ban," he continued. "They would have to dive into the development team. No one knows this as well as
 Jody does.

"All the alignment would work."

Even if owner Roman Abramovich names the inexperienced Lampard and with the transfer ban hovering over the club, the former midfielder insists that the expectations
of the top man will not change next season.

"Abramovich will say, even if Hazard is, I want the minimum of four."

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