Laporta reveals that Hazard is evidence that Real Madrid don't put faith in home-grown players

Former FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta took the opportunity to point out some Real Madrid tips and the club's policies on transfers and the use of local

Following the announcement that Real Madrid secured the signing of Chelsea star Eden Hazard for 100 million euros, Laporta was speaking in commemoration of
 Johann Cryuff in the Catalan city of Sitges, where he was asked about the latest acquisition of Los Blancos.

And while he acknowledged that Hazard was a great football player who would have a positive impact on LaLiga, he also criticized Madrid for his transfer
policies and "put no faith" in his junior academy.

"He is a great football player and will make LaLiga even more competitive, no doubt; Real Madrid was forced to go to the market in search of hiring, "said

Laporta: Not a fan of the Galactic model

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham - with Hazard becoming the first contract Galereo will be remembered for the
 signings of the Galactic team that won the two terms in the club. of Perez since James Rodriguez in 2014.

However, Laporta explained that he was not in favor of the Galacticos model, stating that he did not like to "take his wallet" while neglecting the junior

"At least it's not the model I represent. In Barcelona, ​​we have another philosophy for a long time, which is to look for players from the junior academy.

"In addition, this way of going to the market to look for players does not guarantee anything, because this season we beat LaLiga and Real Madrid with nothing."

"It's evidence that they do not trust homegrown players," he added.

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