"It is all a montage" - Neymar's father defends his son for the alleged violation

In the last hours, Record TV transmitted the first images of the video of the encounter between Neymar and the model Najila Trindade in Paris. The father of the
 Brazilian footballer came in contact with the program itself to provide his version of the facts and clarify the innocence of his son.

"I do not think I have to defend my son at all." The pictures speak for themselves and of course this is a video that is forced. This video will only prove that
 Neymar was attacked. She causes an aggression for him to respond, but he realizes that everything that was happening was a montage, "he said. Neymar Pai.

The player's father accused the complainant of organizing an assembly around his son, when he replied to the show host: "You just have to see the footage! It's a
montage and people are realizing it." The room was already recording everything , what would be good for the investigation and for us is that this full video has
appeared, this is what the police are trying to do, find all the images she has. "

These statements leap into the media scene at the same time as the Najila Trindade model granted an interview to provide her version of the facts. During the same
accused Neymar of "rape" and "aggression", noting that he received "blows" by the player.

A few hours ago it was known that Neymar will lose the Copa América by injury, after the Brazilian Football Confederation announced in an official statement. The
 player suffered a ruptured ankle ligament before Qatar and may not be at the meeting in Bolivia

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