Champions League and Europa League changes nine rules

The Champions League and the Europa League will present nine rules changes for the 2019/20 season, which will have an impact on Manchester City, Manchester United
 and other English clubs in both competitions.

City are guaranteed their place in the next season's Champions League thanks to winning the Premier League title while major clubs including Liverpool, Chelsea and
 Tottenham Hotspur will also join them.

After weak campaigns at the championships, United and Arsenal will be forced to fight for the Europa League next season.

But the next season's campaign will be a little different, with nine rule changes coming on the scene. And one of the new rules will enter into force for the
Champions League final between Liverpool and Spurs on Saturday night in Madrid.

Both teams will have the opportunity to name 23 players, that means Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp will have the option to choose between 12 players when it comes to
replacements in Madrid.

This is not the only change, with eight others coming in next season as agreed by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Changes in the rules of the Champions League and Europa League


As mentioned above, both Spurs and Liverpool have the option of nominating 23 players for the final and choosing between 12 substitutions.

Free kicks

The next move is also coming to the Premier League and you will see that the attacking players have ceased to impact the free kick defensive wall. The attackers
 will have to be at least one meter away from the wall next season.

Goal kicks

Goal kicks and foul kicks within the area do not have to leave the big area next season. It should be mentioned that the opposition is not yet allowed to be inside
 the penalty area.

Fall Balls

The drop balls can be delivered directly to the goalie next season. The players will have to be ten feet away and the ball will be dropped for the team that touched
 it last.


Penalty changes will cause players to be forced to have a foot on the goal line when a foul kick is made. They also will not be able to touch the goal post.

Leaving the field

Similar to the changes of the Premier League, a player who has been replaced must leave the field at the nearest point in the field.


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