A Nigeria man insisted wife must give birth at home, locked her up in a room and she bled to death in Ebonyi (video)

A man identified as Samuel Chidi, a law graduate from Ebonyi State University, Abakilikk, was charged with "deliberate criminal negligence" over his wife,
 TV Igbere reported.

As stated by the social media user who posted the story with Igbere TV, Chidi, a resident of Diamond Point Junction, Chinedu Ogah Avenue, Abakaliki, had seen

his wife who had done two cesarean births, battle with labor in her bedroom and bled to death.

"Chidi could easily have contacted a nurse who was also living in the same complex but instead left the poor woman locked in the room with a drug dealer who,
to make matters worse, administered improper injections, dragged the baby to the floor. while her husband arrested her legs, collected the baby's blood and placenta
 and hid in her room, leaving her dying mother bleeding to death, "our source claimed.

It was convened that the incident happend around 11 pm, and Chidi did not inform anyone in the compound or any member of the deceased family until the afternoon of
the following day, when a neighbor, a nurse who came to check on Mrs. Nkechi, the deceased woman, knew of the incident.

"She insisted that her corpse be deposited immediately in the morgue for proper attention while the lucky newborn baby was transferred to the intensive care unit,"
the source said.

Igbere TV convened that the family of the deceased was contacted soon after and dismayed by the negligent conduct of the man who swore to love, cherish and protect
his daughter until death do them part, removed the body and began to pour it into the man composed "for him do with him, as he supposedly set out. "

"But for the swift intervention of members of the Kpirikpiri Station's Nigerian police who were in patrol service, he learned of the incident and prevailed over the

Igbere TV learned that the corpse was returned to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki morgue, while the suspect was placed in police custody awaiting
investigation and trial.

"The circumstances surrounding Mrs. Nkechi's death remain largely a mystery to her neighbors and family, and the general public is hopeful that the State Department
 of Justice will not leave a stone unturned in its attempt to unravel it and bring the culprits to book, "a family source told Igbere on Tuesday night.
May his soul rest in peace. A man!

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