Why police should not be charged with rape - Okon talks about the arrest of Abuja 'prostitutes'

Nollywood actor Bishop Ukoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos, has given reason that Nigeria's police officers, who have recently been charged with rape by prostitutes
 in Abuja, are not charged.

The Daily Post recalls that some prostitutes arrested in Abuja accused some police officers of raping and assaulting them.

The ladies said that after they had been arrested during a beating by FCTA Joint Staff agents, which included the Department of Development Control, the Abuja
Environmental Protection Council (AEPB) and the Department of Social Development (SDS). .

But Okon reacting to the development took his Instagram page to defend the Abuja police officers, who allegedly raped a few women they arrested for alleged

According to him, the police should not be accused of rape, but of robbery, adding that prostitutes do not have self-denial.

In the viral video, he was heard saying, "What these cops did in Abuja was not rape but robbery" because they took what prostitutes sell and did not pay for.

"So that's stealing your product and merchandise. There is a little bit of one in another

"Prostitutes do not have pride and dignity. Both are criminal acts, but different ... Rape and robbery. "

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