Psychologist Reveals That The Late Akachi Who Committed Suicide Asked For Help

A graduate and psychologist at the University of Nigeria in Nsukka, Ofe di Oku, revealed his attempts to help the late Akachi before he, unfortunately, took his own
life. Read the previous story here

See Oku's post below ...

"People do not wake up in the morning and commit suicide. This is hardly in the way of history. Suicide is a deliberate planned act. It is a kind of last resort,
especially for people suffering from depression and other forms of psychopathologies.

Most people who commit suicide have already planned how to achieve this goal, where and when it should be done. Some give no chance for help until it is done.
Here at UNN, by miracle I find them in hidden places and at a specific time. Vet's mountain, social science blocks, these buildings on the way to the greenhouse,
some exotic parts of stadiums. Mainly at 12pm, 2am, 3pm, 10-11am, and the first hours of the morning.

In my second year I met a handful of them. This is because I always go home from 12 am. to 5am sometimes I go to the morning mass in St. Peter's early in
the morning at 4am, other times I go to prayers at midnight on the tennis court or I visit the veterinary mountains in other midday hours. I met some in tears
 and others in a sober mood.

I have a fellow survivor who told me that I planned to die on the day of my graduation at a specific time in a specific location. I have to employ the help of Dr. Amah
 Benedicta and now she is doing well.

Why did I write this? Humans are delicate beings. No matter how strong you claim to be, one thing must break you and your way of dealing may not be the way to deal
 with your neighbors.

We have many ways to deal with stress and emotions. We all do not have strong and healthy mechanisms of control and emotion. Help those with faulty coping strategies.
 Help them, do not criticize them, do not tell them where they should and should not be.
Good night"

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