Pogba has been told that he will hand over the transfer request from Manchester United if he wants to force through the Real Madrid move

PAUL POGBA must demand a transfer to force the passage of his dreams to Real Madrid.

The winner of the French World Cup made it clear to Manchester United that they want to join their hero Zinedine Zidane.

And Real boss Zidane told the midfielder that it has to be now or never, since, like Ole Trafford boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he starts his own reconstruction.

But United's executive vice president, Ed Woodward, says he does not want Pogba, 26, to leave.

He believes that his sale would further damage the club's image after the end of the nightmare for the season that cost them a spot in the Champions League for next

United's position as the world's biggest club would be, Woodward believes, affected if they left one of the biggest stars in the world.

Woodward knows Solskjaer is prepared to let the 120 million-pound star go to the Bernabeu.

The Norwegian initially said he wanted to create a new team around Pogba.

Now he knows as well as anyone, including director Woodward, that the record $89 million purchase from the UK wants out.

And he does not want to enter his first full season in office - with his own position already under fierce scrutiny - relying on a player who does not want to be

Solskjaer has lined Swansea's Dan James for 12 million pounds and is targeting several signings to take United back to Prem's top four.

Woodward is determined to block any approach to Pogba, so the only way out is to require a move.

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