Official: Antonio Conte is the new Inter Milan Manager

It is his gestures, the looks he gives, the details that he uses to define Antonio Conte. Since childhood, his life has been dedicated to football. His passion
and love for football meant that it became a goal to be followed, and this resulted in him becoming a football player. He sees football as the best way to express
 himself, to leave a mark, whether in the field or in the bank.

So ready and ambitious, Antonio Conte is now beginning his inter adventure. Before us, right now, we have two entities with the same goal
 and perspective, that is, to win. Head, heart and legs are the three words that summarize Conte's career.

Head: He always had clear ideas when he played on the pitch as a midfielder. His coaches were certain he would continue his career on the bench.

Heart: This is something he constantly shows in all the adventures he has done: he has always ensured that his teammates and players felt the necessary sense of
 belonging to achieve the most important goals.

Legs: Hard work is something he's always been known for. Training sessions and games should be experienced to the fullest.

Hard work, sweat and effort, unity of purpose and identity.. Something that the National Team of Italy exhibited in the European Championship of 2016. Conte's Italy,
 who was eliminated on penalties by Germany, thrilled and reunited a whole nation. He also made his mark abroad: he won the Premier League during his first season in

Now Antonio Conte's challenge is the same in the nerazzurri world: to continue to advance and bring Inter back to the pinnacle of European football.

"I'm sure Antonio Conte is one of the best coaches," said Inter president Steven Zhang. "I am sure he will help us reach our goal and fulfill our mission, which has
 always remained the same: to make this club one of the best in the world again."

"A new chapter of my life is starting, I'm very excited," said Antonio Conte, Inter's new coach. "Through my work, I will try to reciprocate all the trust that the
 President and the directors have put into me." I chose Inter because of the Club, because of the solid foundation of the project and how ambitious it is. with the
transparency of the club and the desire to bring Inter back to where it belongs.

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