Naira Marley Management Publishes Official Statement About His Arrest

The statement below tends to clarify the singer's stance and motive behind her new song "Am I A Yahoo Boy."

They wrote;

"The current situation with Naira Marley is extremely unfortunate. On May 10, 2019, Naira Marley was arrested early in the morning of his birthday.

We heard that there were complaints and concerns surrounding his recent comments on cyber crimes, Naira did not publicly defend those who commit fraud, he expressed
 his opinion on the situation that was simply his opinion, in which every human being has a right. "

After that, he innocently made a fun and reactive song "Am I a yahoo boy?" In response to the increasing returns he received. As an artist, music is the avenue of
 Naira to express himself, the son "I'm a yahoo boy?" It's a rhetorical question, assuming people think it's funny, as well as being a carefree response to those who
 face it online .

He's not a yahoo boy! "Naira Marley is a hard-working artist who has turned her back on crime and focuses exclusively on music. He is an artist, father and, most
 importantly, a human being. "He has been making music for some time but has recently become popular following the success of Issa Goal, a song that celebrates
 Nigeria and the country's contribution to the sport.

Music is his passion, entertainment is his career and the only way he makes his gains. Naira Marley does not practice fraud or facilitate it. "Naira Marley is
not just an artist in the eyes of the public, he is a human being with rights. Today, their basic human and civic rights are being violated. The EFCC is yet to
 find "concrete evidence".

"His reputation is being tainted and he has been used as the propaganda kid of the fraud. Cyber ​​crime is a serious issue in Nigeria and is something that the
government is actively facing, as they should, however, their efforts to pursue Naira is based on a cheeky song and questionable items found on a borrowed item
 are not fair.

"Naira Marley was found with an item that does not belong to him. The recovered items were borrowed so he could upload music, videos and records while visiting
 Nigeria. "Naira does not believe he is above the law, made some comments that did not please the authorities and use him as a scapegoat to show his strict stance
 on cybercrime.

Naira has been in custody for more than five days.

Naira Marley is an artist who speaks on the street, those who have no voice, not only in Nigeria but also in the UK. Although his messages may be misinterpreted,
 he loves his country, cares for his people and wants people to feel free and happy when they listen to his music.

We all have the right to freedom of expression and we express ourselves creatively. No one should be penalized for this, even when it is a controversial subject.
 The real criminals of Nigeria should be the focus and not an individual who is bringing positive attention to Nigerian music and culture internationally.

Our lawyers are working diligently to prove your innocence and release you. There is a lot of fake information circulating and we have released this statement to
 correct the records.

However, the EFCC are still investigating. This is a very sensitive topic and a public affair. We urge the media to report accurately, as false allegations can
 undermine their reputation and livelihood.

Thank you all for your continued support, the Marlians, Naira is lucky to have you, please continue to show your support to him. We hope this situation is resolved
 and the Naira will be released soon.

Sincerely, Management.

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