Militants Threatened To Declare Niger Delta Republic June 1

A militant group, the Combatants Network of the Niger Delta, threatened to declare a Republic of the Niger Delta on June 1, 2019.
In a statement on Monday, the group said they were not satisfied with the situation in Nigeria.

The statement by the Information Director of the Maxwell Dan group alleged misuse of the people of the region by Muhammadu Buhari
He listed the police invasion of the residence of a Niger Delta leader, Chief Edwin Clark, last year and the current ordeal of the former
justice chief of Nigeria.
Justice Walter Onnoghen as part of the selective mistreatment of the people of the Niger Delta.

The statement said: "It is unfortunate that history has not changed until today, and we stand on that statement; we are standing at the
declaration of the sovereign state of the Niger Delta and shall declare the Republic of the Niger Delta on June 1, 2019

"It is a common fact that Nigeria has completely derailed the path of peace, justice and progress as proclaimed by its founding fathers. "
He went further: "As this could not compensate, they remove a child from the Niger Delta, Mr. Mathew Seiyeifa, the DSS's most qualified director without
 any due process. Not
satisfied with their cruel and selective attack on the people of the Niger Delta, they again conspired and removed from our son Judge Walter Onnoghen
 of the office
in frivolous allegations without due process, was also not given an opportunity for a fair hearing.

"It is also regrettable that, after four years of this administration, there is not a single viable project executed by the Federal Government in the
Niger Delta
despite the billions of naira accrued to the government from the resources of the Niger Delta as a result of the cease-fire in the region. "
The group also condemned the murders in the country, lamenting that the government has failed to protect its citizens.

He said: "The blood of innocent citizens is becoming alarming and it is clear that the government can not protect citizens, instead, they continue to
make declarations without protection, without resorting to the safety of people. It is a common fact that the country is under siege and we can not allow
it to consume us. "

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