Juventus and Maurizio on agreement: Sarri will be the new Juventus coach

Done! Juventus and Sarri have reached an agreement: Maurizio Sarri is the new coach of Juventus! The agreement has been closed in recent days and should bind the
 Bianconeri and Sarri for the next three years with net wages of €7 million, although it is unclear whether the agreement is divided into € 6 million + € 1 million
 in addition. -ons.

This is a confirmation of the exclusive world that SNAI Sportnews gave ahead of everyone on Friday, May 17 at 17h CEST. A few hours later, afterwards, all the
exclsuive means of Snai were including the name of Sarri among the candidates and as the top favorite to be forward in the next season of Juventus, when a few hours
 before he was neither nor between the first choices according to all press and TV.

The contract will be officially signed as soon as Sarri is released from his contract with Chelsea, but talks about a pre-contract agreement are possible, however,
as an option for the future. Obviously, out of respect for Chelsea, no announcement would come before next Thursday, a day after the Europa League final.

LONDON DE IDA Y VOLTA - lucky that all the trips made to London in the last days by the director Juventus Paratici, and the meetings with English agent Frank
Trimboli, were made with the objective of finalizing the business, and to solve exit strategy of the Sarri de Chelsea: not because Cobham they are very interested
 in keeping it - in fact isthe contrary - but because the Italian manager will try to find a solution with Abramovich (good luck with Marina, she will not be
 impressed at all, like she was never with Sarri). If no exit agreement is reached, the only option for Sarri will be to forgo and lose all money.

GUARDIOLA AS CLAUDIA SCHIFFER - What about Guardiola's psychosis that has seemed to overtake the Juventus world in recent days? There never was a real option.

Something like inviting Claudia Schiffer to dine on a date and immediately get "No thank you".

We can report that Juve tried again, for the third time, to try Guardiola. The first attempt was in March between the knockout games against Atletico. Then in April,
 soon after the City be eliminated.

Finally, the last effort of Juve happened in recent weeks. And it lasted about a minute, just Pep's time again saying, "No thanks."

In conclusion. There was an attempt, but there was no negotiation. At least for this season, Guardiola will not be the Juventus coach - but the seed will be planted
 for the future.

THE WINNER TAKES EVERYTHING - Considering this breaking news, SNAI has decided to close any bet on the next Juventus coach. Mind: This is a different story than you
may have heard in recent days when bookmakers have decided to stop betting on Guardiola as the next coach.

This time, SNAI suspended any possible bet in any name as the next Juventus coach.

Instead, Juventus decided to bet, and seems to be a safe bet: again, Maurizio Sarri will be the next Juventus coach.

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