An Ikeja court in Lagos state on Monday sentenced two former gang members to billionaire Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, also known as Evans, to 41 years in prison.

Judge Oluwatoyin Taiwo condemned the convicts, Kelvin Emenike Ukoh, 32, and Emeka Obasi, 33, for the kidnapping of a shipping agent, Ugoje Jude, and his team, Miss
 Piriye Gogo, on August 3, 2012.
The defendants were indicted in 2013 along with three others: Uche Igbani, 28, Chibuzor Osuagwu, 33, and a 36-year-old woman, Onowu Ngozi, on a charge of 14 counts
of conspiracy, kidnapped
The gang kidnapped Ugoje and another team, Piriye Gogo, who were taken to an unknown destination by their leader, Evans.

Addressing her ordeal before the court, Miss Gogo said the three men approached them with rifles on their way home and that she was almost raped inside the car, but
was saved by her monthly menstrual period.

While being taken to court, Gogo revealed that during the abduction, one of the captors, Obasi, got into the car, after dragging his boss to negotiate in an
undisclosed location, and began to deal with the breast.

Gogo said, "He got in the car, ripped my clothes, pulled one side of my bra and began to caress my breast. He then started to drag my shirt and I started begging
 him. I begged him until I had nothing else I could beg for. I begged her earnestly for mercy and even told her I was on my period.

"It was as if all my requests failed on deaf ears, I had to insert my hand into my vagina just to show it to him. The blood I showed prevented him from raping me.
It was a terrible experience.

"After that, he asked if Mr. Jude was the owner of the company. And I replied that we were just cleaning agents. They also apprehended our cell phones, jewelry and

"They sold Mr. Jude, brought him back to the car, asked me to keep my eyes closed, and then they went somewhere else. They talked to Igbo almost all the time, so I
 could barely understand what they were saying or taking us.

"As I drove to the other location, they asked if I could drive, I said no. So they fell out of the car and took Mr. Jude with them. They ordered me to look down and
 not look at their faces or I would be shot dead. They left me and the Honda pilot car on the second bridge beside the expressway where I waited until I saw a police
 patrol and I caught them.

Also testifying, Jude said that his abductors initially ordered him to pay N10m for his release, but after the negotiations, they collected N5m.

After hearing them, the trial judge, Judge Taiwo, convicted and convicted Ukoh and Obasi at age 5, 15 and 21 for conspiracy, abduction and armed robbery,
 respectively, while the other three were acquitted and acquitted by court.

The court ruled that the prosecution could not prove that the acquitted Igbani, Osuagwu and Ngozi were linked to charges of murder, conspiracy, kidnapping and
armed robbery.

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