Chelsea will decide the future of Marizio Sarri after the Europa League final

Chelsea will leave a decision on the future of Maurizio Sarri as coach until after the Europa League final against Arsenal.

Although Sarri is still afraid of being fired after just one season in which he has secured a place in the Champions League, Chelsea have yet to decide on a definite

Winning a trophy and defeating a London rival could certainly help Sarri's bid to start a second season at Stamford Bridge, but he did not receive any guarantee.

Italian reports said on Wednesday that Sarri is a "dead man walking" regardless of the result against Arsenal in Baku on 29 May, but this is not believed to be the

There is interest in him from his native Italy, particularly Roma, which has already been rejected by former Chelsea coach Antonio Conte.

Sarri has publicly stated that he prefers to stay in Chelsea and England. His position has improved over the last fortnight, during which Chelsea qualified for the
 Champions League next season and finished above Tottenham Hotspur in third place in the Premier League.

But concern remains about the disconnect between Sarri and a section of the fans facing each other, who shouted for him to be fired and abused his football style
 earlier in the season.

The bad feeling towards the Italian has calmed down since winning over Cardiff City but Sarri has not joined Chelsea players in their annual round of appreciation
 at the end of the last home game nor has beaten the travel backing in Leicester City.

A win over Arsenal could not only secure silver possession and relieve some of the disappointment with Chelsea's results against their rivals in the League, but
also please some disgruntled fans.

Defeat, however, could also put Sarri back in a difficult position when owner Roman Abramovich comes to make a decision about his future.

Abramovich would not have been impressed by Sarri's criticisms of the timing of Chelsea's post-season trip to the United States for a charity game before the
 Europa League final.

It is understood that Abramovich should be in the game "Whistleblower on the Hate" of Chelsea against the New England Revolution in Boston at dawn on Thursday.

Sarri was on the verge of being fired twice this season, with English assistant England coach Steve Holland fitting in as interim coach but the results and
performances improved at the right time.

There is also the potential significance of a transfer ban for Abramovich to consider when deciding on Sarri's fate. Chelsea are still struggling against the
 punishment of two FIFA windows with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

But whether the CAS froze the ban, allowing Chelsea to hire players this summer, while the case is set up and considered could have an impact on Sarri.

Sources believe Sarri's position would be bolstered if Chelsea were barred from signing players this summer with the theory that the Blues are more likely to
 consider a move if they can sign hirings this year before a future ban.

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