Bobrisky movie under investigation by FG board panels and may be banned

The National Film and Video Censors Board has created three panels to analyze a new film starring popular Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky.

The film titled "Bobrisky in Love" features Idris Okunneye, popularly known as Bobrisky.

Bob Risky in Love 'was produced by the Nollywood Namaste Production Company, while Ken Steve Anuka was the director.

Bobrisky is featured in the film as a transgender woman named Cherechi, who traveled out of the country as a man only to return to the village as a woman to the
displeasure of his fiancée and relatives.

The film's soundtrack also asks members of the public to accept Cherechi, also known as Cherry B, as a transgender.

It is also suspected that the cross dresser is now a transgender, as he recently revealed that he cut off his manhood long ago.

You should remember that on January 13, 2014, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan passed a law banning same-sex marriage passed by parliament in May 2013. The law
 follows a similar law passed in Uganda in December 2013, which imposes life imprisonment for some types of homosexual acts.

A senior NFVCB official told The Punch that three separate panels were created at the zonal levels to analyze and classify the film and that this could be banned
 since Nigeria has laws that prohibit homosexuality, so the work of the arts that promote not can be endorsed by the government.

According to him, according to the publication: "We set up three different panels to see the film that we were given by the producers for classification and revision.

"For the purpose of justice and objectivity, we will not give specific details, since the assessment is still ongoing, but note that any film that promotes
 homosexuality in contravention of our laws can not be allowed.

"Later next week, we will deliver a verdict on the film. If the film is banned, it will be reported to the producers and our enforcement team will clean up all
copies of the film on the market and the offenders will be properly detained and fined. "

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