ATM Delay Saves A Man From Boarding A Bus That Later Had Fatal Accident

Pascal Obinna Drich entered the social media to narrate how a delay in an ATM saved him from embarking on a bus that had an accident.

In his post, the young man revealed that upon returning to the ATM's car park, he noticed that the bus he was about to board was full, leaving him with no room to
 sit down. He had no choice but to embark on another. Read his story below.

I'm posting this LIVE Enugu Express Abakaliki, I'm on my way to Urevene Amarachi2 on Ezza mgbo for # MC # Mr_Wiseman_TRADITIONAL_MARRIAGE .. I would have gotten into
 this vehicle but I was late at the ATM just so I come back and it's filled I screamed and I screamed for me to follow this bus but not to Avail so I had to wait for
 the next .. Only in less than 35mins later I met the same bus at the Ezeilo site quarry in this condition with 5 people dead and very badly just B / W Enugu to
 Abakaliki, what would have happened if that ATM in the Holy Spirit mrk around did not delay .. where I to Dey ??? I do not know what to say, but thank you JESUS ​​...
 You said that I'll be late when I'm bad at the front and you just get satisfied again ... This is the second time in 8 years that you saved me from this same

 situation .. God God God !!! May your name be praised forever I am a traveler and you know it and that is why I have always trusted you alone for my safety GOD
Thank you again I am the traveler and my blood will never be poured down the side of the road Friends please me help thanks to this great God he did it again

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