Ander Herrera appeals to Manchester United to take responsibility for the chaotic season

Manchester United players - and not Jose Mourinho - should take most of the blame for their chaotic season, according to midfielder Ander Herrera.

The 29-year-old, who is looking for a lucrative transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, also believes it will be "tough" for United to return to the top but says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the right man to oversee a Old Trafford.

The embarrassing 2-0 defeat to Sunday at the hands of relegated Cardiff City saw the fallen giants wrap up a miserable campaign in sixth place, no less than 32 points behind champion and rival City.

Some blame United's high-ranking for the arms transfer policy, while others say Mourinho, fired in December, is responsible for the club's plight.

Full time on Sunday, a Stretford End fan threw a series of abuse at Paul Pogba.

Hererra, omitted from the team that suffered a loose defeat against the Bluebirds, says that players on the field should be held accountable.

"We have to take responsibility, all of us," explained the Spaniard. It is not fair to blame others. When you have a bad season, 75% is the responsibility of the players.

"It's very easy when a manager is fired to blame someone, but it's each and every one of us's fault.

'Every player in the locker room has a responsibility for what happened this season. We did bad things.

Mourinho spent close to £ 400m in 11 players during his time at the club.

After arriving in 2016, he lifted the trophy from the Europa League and the League Cup, and last season led United to second place.

However, he departed before Christmas after a 3-1 loss to Liverpool with the club in sixth and 11 points in the top four.

"I have great respect for Jose," said Herrera. "He tried everything. The first season with him was successful.

'So we were second and we had a lot of expectations for this season, but it did not work out. Not only because of him, I repeat, every player has responsibility.

Solskjaer, originally named in a quarterback role, had an immediate impact, leading United to 14 wins in 17 games, including an astounding 3-1 win in the Champions League in Paris.

However, the form dropped dramatically after the decision to give it full-time work. In United's last 12 games, they have won two and two draws and lost eight.

In the Premier League, they got eight points out of a possible total of 27, and some believe that the decision to make the Norwegian's permanent game was rushed.

Herrera, who spent five seasons at Old Trafford after signing with Athletic Bilbao, is not one of them but admits that Solskjaer will not be able to change things quickly.

"I really believe in Ole," he said. "But I think there is a difficult job ahead.

'This is my opinion as a fan and as someone who knows the club at the moment. The club will need time, confidence and support.

'I'm sure they will, but the only thing I ask for is time, because it's not easy.

'I'm leaving this club and they have not won any title in five years I've been here. The right person is behind the wheel.

A lot has been said about a perceived attitude problem and lack of support for the coach in United's uniform, but Herrera, who joined his team mates on the lawn after the final whistle to bid farewell, is convinced that this is not the case.

"Ole is one of the best people I've met in football," he said. 'Everybody loves him in the locker room.

'Everyone wants to fight for him. When you have the players behind you and want to fight for you, some of the work is done.

'I believe in karma and if you are a good person, if you are honest and sincere with the players and the fans, sooner or later this will work.

"I think Ole is the right person because he has qualities and knowledge, but he's also a great man and a great person."

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