Agent Federico Pastorello, says Man Utd will have to convince top players to join

Pastorello is well placed to offer insight into the current market. Last month, he told Sky Sports News that Lukaku's future is "very open," with planned deals
between the forward and United.

He is predicting only good things for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in United's recruiting, despite the failure to qualify for the Champions League.

"I think Manchester United will be very successful in the summer bringing players.

"There will be a lot of work for Mr. Woodward, but they will be able to convince top players to come because the brand is incredible, one of the best in the world."

He expects United to be among the busiest, both for tickets and expenses, but it is another European heavyweight club that is being bent on making an impact at the

"One of the main players, in my opinion, will be Real Madrid." For two summers they did not spend much, but they called Zidane back and there will be a great
revolution, the team needs to be younger, so there will be a domino. effect, I expect a very interesting market. "

Is it a market that will eventually tame the high fees paid by players? Neymar set the level when he joined PSG for about 200 million pounds.

"The Neymar affair is one that I understand more because it's like an ATM with image rights and sponsors." I was more shocked by the payment of Dembele, which
shocked me more than Neymar, Chelsea paid 80 million for a goalkeeper Bilbao and not in Madrid!

"I think this is the trend for the next four or five years. After that, if you ask me if it will continue, I have my personal doubts, but there has to be a limit
 to everything. a rising and falling wave.

With that, it's time to get back to work. Producers are on the phone before a potential summer blockbuster, looking for the next A-lister ... an attacker who can
 get 20 goals per season.

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